Hi there. If you are here (which you are), one of two things happened. Either...
  1. Got here because you played the video game and it told you to come here.
  2. Happened upon this site by yourself and are wondering what this is all about.

I'll answer the second one first. Click the "About" link on the upper right and that should explain it in full.

For those who are the first option, welcome. Just a few notes before we begin.

  • This game is in Alpha. Errors may will occur and things may will change.
  • Making more then one character on here is not permitted. We do this because this is a game about different races and some have secrets they want to keep. Having more then one character at a time defeats that purpose. Meta-gaming like this will lead to you being blocked from the game.
  • We use Discord chat server to discuss the game and there is also an IC radio channel there. Please stop in if you have any questions.

So in either case, have fun and enjoy the game. :)